2013 bulletin

The 2013 edition of the festival will truly broaden our musical horizons. This year, the Abbaye aux Dames plays host to a number of female musicians, including  Dorsaf Hamdani, Marie-Elisabeth Hecker, Christine Busch, Catherine Simonpietri, Nicola Boud, and Florence Malgoire. There will also be performances by singers “De Caelis”, “Cris de Paris”, as well as the subtle tones of Rosemary Standley.

As ever, the unique acoustics of the abbey make for a fantastic musical experience, whether you decide to immerse yourself in Bach, soak up the exquisite Renaissance sounds of Jordi Savall, or revel in a concerto by Brahms or Mahler.

I would like to take this opportunity to emphasise the principle on which the Saintes Festival is founded: providing music worthy of the abbey’s magical surroundings.

Stephan Maciejewski
Artistic director

Affiche festival 2013