“EUR-TEXT – Back to the Future !”

A multi-disciplinary research project

Interpretation and creation – how do the two interact ? How does a creator incorporate their own musical experiences into their work ? How can a musician become a creator in their own right ?

The EUR-TEXT project, supported by the EU’s culture program, brings together a host of young artists from the Czech Republic, Poland, and Malta. Alongside the Atlantic Youth Orchestra, these artists, including classical and contemporary musicians, clothing designers, and painters, will take part in a series of events across Europe (Saintes, Brno, Łódź, and Malta), each centered on contemporary interpretations of works from the past.

  • 9 concerts played on period instruments
  • Creation of 4 international works of art, displayed alongside their original sources of inspiration
  • 3 fashion shows, exhibiting 20 different contemporary outfits
  • 2 travelling exhibitions, exhibiting 36 pieces of modern art
  • A final conference in Łódź, Poland, from 28th to 30th March 2014

EUR-TEXT website

The Abbaye aux Dames is coordinating this project with the help of three co-organisers:

This project is being run with support from the EU’s culture program.