Masters degree, research and practice

A unique masters course in Europe

Open to students with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Specialising in classical and romantic repertoires on period instruments with particular attention to research and practice

A training course over 2 years: in Saintes (at the Abbaye aux Dames, la cité musicale) and at Poitiers university Comprises of :

  • 24 hours of instrumental lessons per year
  • 4 orchestral courses in total, directed by renowned conductors
  • 4 chamber music courses in total, led by teachers from specialist orchestras
  • research is organised by Poitiers university (study of manscripts, texts, organology…) in partnership with notably the Royamont Foundation and the Université des Arts de Berne

Masters 2017 brochure

Les stages 2017-2018

Teaching document

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