Recruitment / Applications

All applications must be received before the 31st of August.

To finalize your enrolment, you just have to send us your video recording by email before the 31st of August. Have a look on the pre registration page to get all the documents. »

The recording must include:

  • a classical concerto, with piano accompaniment if possible
  • one of our set orchestral extracts
  • one of our set studies


Download the set orchestral extracts :

List of set

  • Flute: Tulou’s 9th étude
  • Oboe: any of Ferling’s études. Must include one even and one odd number
  • Clarinette: one of Anton Stadler’s caprices
  • Bassoon: a no. 4 Ozi Caprice (from the 42 caprices for bassoon)
  • Horn: one étude for second horn from Domnich’s method for first and second horn (pages 110&111)
  • Violin: Rode’s 24th caprice
  • Alto: Hoffmeister’s 5th étude
  • Cello: Duport’s 8th étude
  • Double bass: 2 études by Wensel Hause (different tempo and key)

This master is accessible for the students graduated with a DNSPM/Licence, Bachelor or foreign equivalent diploma.