A spacious vaulted room with bare stone walls and adjustable retractable tiered seating.

260 m², for 50 to 275 participants

Ideal for: a general assembly, a conference, concert, small theatrical show, a Christmas party…Several variable configurations possible with chairs, armchairs, a stage, light and sound equipment.


WIFI connection
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Our technical equipment

– tiered seating (retractable) with 121 seats, 24 armchairs, 130 chairs
– stage (8m max. width, variable depth), rostrum for up to 6 speakers on the stage
– sound system with microphones, cordless microphones, technicians control room – sound system with microphones, cordless microphones, technicians control room
– conference lectern with microphone
– paper boards & pens, video projector, screen
– variable quartz lighting system


From 385 €

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