6 – Capitulary room (XIIIe et XVIIe centuries)

It takes its name from the daily readings of a chapter from the Rule of Saint Benedict.
Presided by the abbess, the monastic community would gather to discuss and organise the daily issues for the smooth-running of the establishment.
For example:

  • the admission of new sisters
  • the dispensing of penances

Looking at the walls one can see what the condition of the building would have been like  prior to the 17th century fires.

One can still see vestiges of gothic arches which would suggest
that there used to be a large ribbed-vaulted ceiling (about 13th century)

On your left as you enter the room you can still see one of the three windows dating back to the 13th century.
Today it serves as a passage-way through to a room which was added in more recent times. The level of the floor has in fact been raised.