9 – The bell tower

It rises up at the crossing point of the transept and is made up of three levels.

  •  a square base section
  • another level which is also square in shape and has three openings on each side which is crowned by four roof top lanterns
  • a cylindrical drum pearced with twelve openings

The conical shaped dome, with it’s scale-like stone, reminds one of a pine cone. Amongst the themes that are dealt with on the capitals of the bell tower we find : the Weighing of Souls and the Holy Women at the Tomb. Also some characters and animals as well as supernatural, imaginary and mystical characters
(such as pheonix, mermaids) mixed with vegetation (we also refind the pine-cone theme)

  • Le dôme et le tambour cylindrique
  • La souche carrée
  • Un chapiteau
  • clocher abbaye aux dames Les douze baies du tambour
  • phénix clocher Le phénix