[1] Le Concert Spirituel, Hervé Niquet / Benevolo

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Polyphonies Monumentales
Le Concert Spirituel
Direction Hervé Niquet

Following the success of Striggio’s 40-voice mass, Hervé Niquet once again banks on the public’s curiosity as he continues to conquer the forgotten summits of polyphony. This time, he will shine the spotlight on Orazio Benevolo, an exceptional genius from the baroque period. The spatial distribution of 14 harpsichordists and eight four-voice choirs, each led by a different choirmaster, throughout the building will make the concert a unique experience; a musical immersion with which the surround sound of even the very best hi-fis can never compete!

« The use of space is a marvel – some developments elicit a rising tide that takes full possession of the sonorous space in an incantatory atmosphere. Benevolo’s mass takes first place among the spectacular baroque vocal works. Hervé Niquet and his musicians, fully aware of the stakes, have signed one of their most beautiful productions.» Resmusica