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[22] Vox Luminis, Lionel Meunier / “Monteverdi, sacred and profane”

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« Monteverdi, sacred and profane »
Gloria, Adoramus te Christe, Alcun non mi consigli,
Dixit Dominus, Vago augeletto, Beatus vir

Bel Pastor, Chi vol haver felice, Lamento della Ninfa, Cruxifixus, Ciaccona, Zefiro Torna, Ardo Avvampo

Vox Luminis
Lionel Meunier, choirmaster

Since the dawn of humanity, love has been a boundless source of inspiration for artists, be they poets, painters, playwrights or composers. The subject of the most delicious of agitations and the most terrible of agonies, romantic love, whether divine or human, inspired some of the most beautiful pages of baroque music, so apt for amplifying emotions. Vox Luminis offers you such pieces, some of the most remarkable to issue from the hands of the divine Claudio.