[8] Nevermind / Couperin, Jacquet De La Guerre, Quentin, Hersant

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Les Nations (extracts)
Jacquet De La Guerre
Sonata in G minor
Sonata IV in four parts
Creation (quartet for flute, violin, viol and harpsichord)


This 100% French programme concocted by the Nevermind quartet bridges the wide gap between the baroque period and today’s music. It takes us on a journey to Italy and Spain through extracts of Couperin’s “Les Nations”, which showcases Europe’s different aesthetic movements at the time.

Alongside this emblematic composer, two other, far less known figures are featured, one of whom is a woman – a detail rare enough to be noteworthy!

To complete the journey, you will experience one of Philippe Hersant’s creations. Philippe Hersant regularly calls upon typically baroque instruments, long forgotten by the composers of the romantic period and the 20th century.