Acoustic Journeys

The experience

Ramble through the heart of the site. Your journey will take you inside the abbey through the courtyard and garden, so you can explore the nuns’ cells, chapter room and bell tower. Acoustic Journeys are punctuated by 12 key locations.
Equipped with headphones and a digital device, you will discover a unique dialogue between the history of the abbey and music. 3D sound is a wonderful travel guide that prompts an inner resonance.
In practice: Lasts 1 hour to 1 hour 15 mins./To each their own pace.

The Initiation Journey features the voices of music and history.
You must give yourself over to them completely. The music and the whispering, singing, storytelling voices show you the site in all its beauty.

The Heroic Journey is marked by the sounds of history, from minstrels and the joy of concerts to the clash of war.

Immersion technology

Discreet technology that enhances your visitor experience

The aim of our 3D Acoustic Journeys is to immerse you in a specific place and have you contemplate the site, notice its uniqueness and explore and sense its works. Visitor experience becomes an inner experience. You will transcend screen and device and forget the technology to dive into a visual and acoustic reality and live fairy-tale magic. The technology works through select HD headphones that enhance the sound quality and a smartphone that displays the content in optimal quality. The application receives the signals sent by « beacons ».
« Beacons » are little markers that emit a radio wave that is then detected by the application. Their range can be calibrated. They use the Bluetooth Low Energy standard and work both inside and outside. As « beacons » are energy-efficient, they can run for several months, or even years. Their energy level can be checked. The simple batteries needed to power them are easy to change. The technology used is dynamic, so the interface and settings can evolve constantly with the utmost flexibility. The 3D Acoustic Journey® user data generated by visitors can be collected, making it possible to monitor visitor and user information (length of the visit, transition rate, etc.).