Musicaventure’s Module 4, L’Odyssée, complement the existing range of individual experiences. Now, for the first time, L’Odyssée becomes a team experience, for adults as much as for children.

Go on an expedition in search of the fantastic animals escaped in the city and will pass one by one the stages of the musical writing.
A breathtaking challenge, on both banks of the city of Saintes, to compose your melody as a team.

L’Odyssée, an urban adventure from the Abbaye aux Dames… a story in the continuity of the narration of the Musical Ride.

“The Bazilik trapped in the Carrousel (Musical Merry-Go-Round) has taken revenge! The music generated by the Musical Merry-Go-Round brought back to life the fantastic creatures of the Abbey’s bestiary who fled, carrying with them the sounds of its musicians.
We need your help!
As a team, explore the city of Saintes, capture the creatures and recover the sounds they stole.
Back at the Ladies’ Abbey, compose your melody with the sounds you found to charm the Bazilik. Thanks to you, music and sounds are returning to the Abbey and creatures are returning to their stone homes.”

Choose your character !

The Entertainer, the Enchantress or the Champion accompany and personalize your adventure!



An urban adventure

Live this urban adventure that takes you to discover the city of Saintes and its history in a fun way!
The Odyssey, a fun and exciting game to experience with family, friends or colleagues.

Plan Odyssée

Team of 2 to 6 players, for an optimal gaming experience.
Duration of the adventure: 2h30. On reservation.


Full price: €10 per player (2 to 6 players)
Reduced rate: 8 € per player
Free for children under 6
+ a free Musical Ride!

Musicaventure Pack (Travel + Odyssey + Carousel):
Full price: 18 € per person
Reduced price: 16 €
Free for children under 6

*Reduced rate: members, groups + 10 people, children – 18 years old, job seeker and social minima, discovery pass, backpacker’s guide, agricultural credit card, culture pass


This project benefits from state support with the France Relance scheme.