A vast, vaulted room with an understated style, modular, with fixed tiers of seats.
Production unit with sound equipment.

260 m², 50 to 275 people.

Wi-Fi connection available.

This room could be used for a general assembly, a conference, a concert, a small show or a Christmas tree, to give just a few examples. Different configurations are possible with chairs, a podium, a stage area, etc.

Useful information

Wi-Fi connection available.

Equipment available

  • Tiers with 121 seats, 24 chairs, 130 seats;
  • platform (width: 8 m maximum), modular depth, stand on the platform for six speakers;
  • sound equipment: two fixed microphones, two wireless microphones, production unit at the top of the tiered seats;
  • conference rostrum with a microphone;
  • flip chart and pens, video projector, screen;
  • adjustable quartz lighting.

We recommend our partners

For catering : Piaud-Taillac

For tableware and furniture rental : 1 Clic Réception


From €395, including tax.

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We offer flat rates for the simultaneous reservation of several rooms, or for the reservation of one room for longer than a day: get in touch with us!

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