The Carrousel (Musical Merry-Go-Round)

In a poetic fairground universe, the Carrousel is an extraordinary hands-on merry-go-round that uses the senses of touch, hearing and sight. Under a dome of silvery mirrors it houses giant digital musical instruments: a harp, percussion, keyboards and even vocal cords. Participants choose an instrument they will experiment with and as the Carrousel turns, together they create a musical score which is replayed in a grand final performance. A unique musical experience that can be played again over several turns.

The invention of the Carrousel was groundbreaking: it is the first in the world. It was also created completely from scratch, from its design to its construction. The Carrousel Musical uses digital technology and specially developed software that interprets notes and sounds.

The Carrousel Musical: collective poetic and musical work (chapter 3 of Musicaventure)
Construction: Abbaye aux Dames, la cité musicale, Saintes
Project management: Odile Pradem-Faure, Frédéric Saint-Pol
Creation of the Carrousel Musical: AG Studio (François Guiguet – Yasmina Boudhar – Ariane Francescato) /
Metalobil (Freddy Bernard – Frédéric Gardan – François Chesnot)
Engineering design, construction, installation: Metalobil (Freddy Bernard – Frédéric Gardan – François Chesnot)
Development of the interactive musical experience/creation of the instruments: Blue Yeti (Jean-Michel Couturier)
Musical composition: Jean-Michel Couturier, Jean-Michael Celerier, Gregory Cosenza, Anne Morata, Catherine Contour
Visitor experience development/multimedia-tracking: Modulo Digital (Jean de la Roche)
Praxinoscope design, production: Metalobil (Frédéric Gardan) / Modulo Digital (Jean de la Roche)
Light project design: Christophe Renaud
Costume design and manufacturing: Pleat-it (Sarah Bois)
3D designer and perspectives: AG Studio – Julien Pinard