Join the Club de l'Abbaye!

The Club de l’Abbaye is a fantastic force for the development of our area.

Music and heritage are promoted locally with simplicity and charm.

By joining the Club de l’Abbaye, you are entering a circle of patrons taking action for culture. Today, the Club has more than 70 members, both individuals and businesses, happy to share exclusive, festive moments.

Eight excellent reasons to join the Club de l’Abbaye:

  1. Contribute to passing on our heritage.
  2. Take a tangible part in a project of general interest.
  3. Exchange with artists and live a unique musical experience.
  4. Associate yourself with a recognised cultural brand.
  5. Join a dynamic network of more than 70 members, including individuals and businesses.
  6. Enjoy the pleasure of quality encounters.
  7. Make fulfilling cultural and human discoveries.
  8. Profit from a tax deduction and a number of other advantages.

Club de l'Abbaye members