The Festival de Saintes celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022

From 16th to 23rd July 2022 the Abbaye aux Dames celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Festival de Saintes.

In the programme : the greatest European ensembles and artists! Correspondances Ensemble, La Tempête, Gli Incogniti, Graindelavoix, Les Surprises, Het Collectief, the Orchester des Champs-Élysées, Ars Nova, la Diane Française…

50 years !

“During this half-century of music we have shared many emotions and discoveries together.
We have gone through hardships, witnessed changes, crossed paths with many artists, we have revelled together in so much music…
These last two years have not been without difficulties. The health crisis forced us to reinvent our organisation . More recently, the urgent repairs required to the wooden structure of our venerable abbey now needs us to think creatively once again.
So, working with the limited capacity of the abbey due to the fragility of the southern transept, we will plan the venues differently. Of course the essential spirit of the festival will be maintained. This will be an opportunity to reconnect with the local heritage familiar to the most faithful amongst you: Saint-Pierre cathedral, naturally, but also Saint-Vivien church which has welcomed many previous concerts. Of course the abbey itself, revived from a tumultuous past by the festival to become the musical home so dear to us all, this radiant and vibrant musical venue will not be neglected.
We therefore invite you to a dazzling celebration!
There will be familiar and emblematic artists of the past, some works to (re)discover and some great repertoires which are true to the identity of the festival. We will gather in large numbers for the amazing last night when the Orchestre des Champs-Élysées will illuminate the celestial vault in the gardens of the Abbey aux Dames.
We will meet again in the warm and friendly atmosphere which remains a trademark of your festival.
And we look forward to seeing you once again to celebrate this 50th anniversary with you! »
Stephan Maciejewski, artistic director and David Théodoridès, Chief executive officer

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