The association

The administrative team

Chloé Blanchard Sales manager
Kristel Bouyer Secretary to the accountant
Marie-France Bruneau Reception manager
Cécile Chemin Production manager for the JOA / Master’s degree (Linkedin)
Corinne Duzon Technical coordinator
Anne-Laure Florent Salesperson
Jean-Pierre Fourchault Cleaner
Gilles Guénard “Bazilik tamer”
Adrienne Heidelberger Assistant to festival production (Linkedin)
Marjorie Jalladot General secretary (Linkedin)
Anne-Sophie Jasmain Salesperson
Nathanaëlle Jean Cultural outreach manager
Stephan Maciejewski Artistic director
Nathalie Mangematin Chief accountant
Esteban Martin Communication assistant (Linkedin)
Laure Mathoulin Patronage manager (Linkedin)
Léa Parvéry-Bourasseau communication manager, graphic designer
Marysia Pepe Revenue manager/coordinator
Eline Perrotin Communication intern
Catherine Puig Educational director of the JOA
Christophe Renaud Production coordinator
Frédéric Saint-Pol Deputy director
Karine Ségui Sales assistant
Christelle Violette Assistant to the director and of patronage
Antoine Zenoni European project manager