Music Master's degree

“Research and the ensemble performance of classical and romantic orchestras”

Open to young musicians at the start of their careers who wish to specialize in classical and romantic repertoires on period instruments.

Two complementary approaches contribute to obtaining the diploma awarded by the University of Poitiers:

  • the practice of period instruments, dispensed at the Abbaye aux Dames
  • research training carried out at the University of Poitiers
  • Degree : Master
  • Area : Humanities and arts science
  • Focus areas : Musicology
  • Specialty : Music, research and ensemble performance
  • Duration of reference : 4 semesters/120 ECTS
  • Training takes two years and is held at the Abbaye aux Dames, la cité musicale, and the University of Poitiers.

Training content

Apply for the Master MRPE

Applicants must meet one of the following criteria :

  • hold a higher national professional musician’s diploma and a bachelor’s degree in music and/or musicology
  • hold a bachelor’s degree in music interpretation (foreign university)
  • hold a national music teacher’s diploma and a bachelor’s degree in music and/or musicology

Necessary documents :

  • The completed application file
  • A letter of motivation outlining his/her motivations for the research and his/her professional objectives in French, or in English
  • A complete and up-to-date curriculum vitae
  • A photocopy of his/her DNSPM (or Bachelor’s degree) and university diplomas
  • The detailed programme of his/her interpretation test
  • The links to the recordings of his or her interpretation test (YouTube links).

Recruitment is closed for 2024-2025

Interpretation test program

  • 1 movement from the classical concerto of your choice
  • 3 orchestral excerpts to choose from the list
  • 1 imposed music study
    Violin : 24e caprice de Rode
    Viola : 5e étude d’Hoffmeister
    Cello : 8e étude de Duport
    Doublebass : 2 études de Wensel Hause différentes en termes de tempo et tonalité
    Flute : 9e étude de Tulou
    Oboe : deux études au choix de Ferling, 1 n° pair technique et 1 n° impair mélodique
    Clarinet : un des 3 caprices d’Anton Stadler (No place available for this instrument for the next year)
    Bassoon : un caprice d’Ozi n°4, extrait de la méthode
    Horn : une étude pour second cor (pages 110&111) extraite de la méthode pour premier et second cor de Domnich


The annual cost of the master’s, 1,088 euros, covers :

  • the amount due to the Abbaye aux Dames for the instrumental music courses, a €600 contribution to accommodation/meal fees + a compulsory €18 membership fee for our association, for a total of €618,
  • the amount due to the University of Poitiers for theoretical seminars: €259.10 for a Master’s diploma, including tuition fees (€254) + preventive medicine (€5.10) + a €211 compulsory subscription to the student social security system, for a total of about €470.


Students are provided with meals and accommodation while taking instrumental music courses and performing public concerts (at Saintes and on trips).
Students must cover their own accommodation in Poitiers.


The student who would have difficulties due to a situation of disability, even slight, even temporary, is kindly requested to consult the disability referent ( when registering, in order to allow the establishment of an adapted training plan.

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