Audio guide

Guided by 24 audio tracks, you will discover the Abbaye aux Dames at your own rhythm, learning all there is to know about its thousand-year history.

In practice: Run time 1 hour 30 mins.

A preview of your itinerary:
1. Reception in the courtyard
2. History of the abbey (Part 1)
3. History of the abbey (Part 2)
4. Exterior architecture of the abbey church
5. The façade and the doorway (dialogue)
6. The abbey church nave
7. In front of the altar steps of the abbey church
8. The abbey church transept
9. The abbey church choir loft and apse
10. Béranger’s plaque and the Saint-Pallais church
11. The mediaeval garden and the church chevet
12. The bell tower, the monastery building and the Taillebourg barracks
13. The cloister
14. The chapter room
15. The first-floor landing
and the nun’s cell
16. The second-floor landing
17. The high exhibition hall
18. The gallery
19. The summit of the transept
20. The old access staircase to the bell tower
21. The decorated capitals of the bell tower
22. The view of the city
23. Intermediary exhibition hall: model of the abbey in the 15th century
24. Intermediary exhibition hall: model of today’s abbey.